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Written Testimonials

Tim Jeffery

United States Army – Specialist 4th Class Tim Jeffery
VP Security, MGM Grand - Las Vegas

I served as a Military Police Officer in the U.S. Army.  While my military service was a short 3 years, during my service I gained leadership and organizational skills, as well as an exceptional work ethic, which have helped me succeed at MGM Resorts International. 

During my 25 year career with MGM Resorts, I have had the great opportunity to work numerous positions at several of our properties, all of which have prepared me for my current role as Vice President of Security at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. 

MGM Resorts International, understands and appreciates the value of my military skillset, so for that, and many other reasons, I have made MGM Resorts International my “employer of choice.”  I encourage you to see what career we have to offer for you.

Richard Taylor

United States Marine Corps – Corporal Richard Taylor
Manager Government Affairs, MGM Resorts International

I joined the Marine Corps fresh out of high school (one week after graduation) in 2004. I was trained as a utilities Marine with a focus on electrical and water.  During my four year enlistment, I also worked as a military police officer and company clerk.  I deployed to Iraq in 2006 with a combat hospital where I assisted a team of Navy medical personnel in treating wounded combatants and civilians.

I’m currently the Manager of Government Affairs for MGM Resorts International.  My primary responsibility is monitoring Nevada political matters especially as it relates to the hospitality industry. I also Chair the Veterans Network Group and assist with development projects as needed.

I owe a lot of my success with MGM Resorts to what I learned while in the military.  My time in the service taught me so much about myself and my capabilities.  I am most appreciative of the teamwork skills I developed while serving.  The military is such a diverse organization with personnel from all over the United States.  Learning how to deal with different personalities under stressful circumstances was truly an invaluable experience.

I recently reached my 3 year mark with the company and I must say I’ve enjoyed every day of it.  There’s always something to new to learn and do and I work with such an amazing group of people.  I also appreciate what the company does for military and veterans who work for the company as well as military and veterans who visit and stay at our properties. The company demonstrates its commitment to our military and veterans through actions and not just words.


Billy Thompson

United States Army – Sergeant Major (retired) Billy Thompson
Security Shift Supervisor, The Signature at MGM Grand - Las Vegas

I was Infantry in the U.S. Army.  During my 31 year military career I had the opportunity to lead and manage people at all levels. The leadership training, along with the professional growth and development I acquired helped prepare me to make difficult decisions in complex situations.  My time in the Army helped me gain expertise in training, teamwork, mentoring, motivating, counseling and evaluation of my personnel.  I have been recognized for my strong work ethics, ability to multi-task, and my ability to lead and motivate a team and provide the guidance and mentorship to develop the team members to increase their growth and engagement while increasing productivity.

I am currently a Security Supervisor with the Signature at the MGM Grand. I am responsible for the supervision of all assigned operational functions within the department consistent with the strategic plan, the fiscal budget, and the company’s short and long term profitability objectives.  My leadership philosophy while in the military, which proved to be successful, was setting and leading by example, understanding and enforcing the standard, serving as a mentor to the individuals I led and setting goals and clear expectations and working toward achieving those goals.  Those same principles have helped me with the transition into MGM Resort. 

The great thing about working for MGM Resorts is the professional development opportunities it offers its employees through employee network groups and MGM University course offerings.  I am a recent graduate of the company’s Boots to Business program with is one of the professional development opportunities for military veterans. If you are driven and take the initiative, it is easy to grow both personally and professionally with this company.   

Wilson Edgell

United States Air Force – Chief Master Sergeant (retired) Wilson A. Edgell
Diversity & Disability Outreach Programs Manager, MGM Resorts International

I joined the United States Air Force at the ripe old age of 17.  I knew early on that I was going to make the Air Force a career; I just had no idea at the time the Air Force would afford me the opportunity to travel the world and get a first class education as part of the deal.  My Air Force career spanned 27 years, and I had the opportunity to serve in Utah, England, Idaho, Korea, Florida, Germany, and Nevada.  I also had the opportunity to serve 5 combat tours in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH, Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. 

I joined MGM Resorts through the Boots to Business program in 2013 as a Senior Consultant for Organizational Development.  From day one I was quickly immersed into the business where I was able to make an immediate impact with the HR community.  My Air Force expertise was essential as we introduced performance management and other talent management initiatives throughout the organization.  In my current role as Diversity & Disability Program Manager, I get to help veterans find viable employment and careers with MGM Resorts. 

MGM Resorts is a great company to work for and the company truly values the skills and experience of the military veteran.  If you are ready for a new challenge and a new career, look no further than MGM Resorts International. Teamwork, Integrity, and Excellence…these are the core values of MGM Resorts…the same core values you value as a military veteran.   

George Pacheco

United States Navy – Chief Machinist Mate (Retired) George Pacheco
Diversity & Inclusion Team, MGM Resorts International Corporate University

I served as a Technician, Supervisor and Maintenance Manager of Marine Powerplants and Auxiliary Equipment.  I also served as a Leadership and Professional Development Instructor.

During my 20 years of service I gained a wide array of skills such as leadership, commitment, change management, emotional intelligence and attention to detail which are helping me succeed at MGM Resorts International.  In my short tenure with MGM Resorts on the Diversity and Inclusion Team, I have had awesome opportunities to work with great people at all of our properties, which is preparing me for future roles within the company. 

MGM Resorts International appreciates the relevance and the value of my unique skillset.  For that, and many other reasons, MGM Resorts International is my “employer of choice.”  I challenge you to see what careers we have that can unlock your potential to add value and continue to serve.