Corporate Social Responsibility

A World of Difference

Since its inception, MGM Resorts International has demonstrated a powerful commitment to the philosophy of social responsibility - a reflection of the fundamental integrity that informs our business conduct and our relationships with our employees, our guests, our communities and our planet. We are inspired by our recognition that we have a vast ability to maximize shareholder value and make a positive impact on our world. Parallel to our goal to excel financially, in an ethical and responsible manner, is our ambition to make a unique contribution in our singular way to solving the societal challenges that confront us all. As we accelerate our company's progress, we believe that social responsibility is one of our boldest new frontiers.

We have unified our pioneering diversity and inclusion, community engagement and environmental sustainability initiatives to makeup one comprehensive social responsibility program, "Inspiring Our World." If you would like to learn more about our leadership in corporate social responsibility, please visit