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At MGM Resorts International, we're committed to hiring only the best people in every area of our organization. And we're just as determined to make sure that they have everything they need to achieve their personal best. We're proud to provide comprehensive capabilities for the ongoing training and professional development of our employees.

Las Vegas Job Search - MGM Resorts International University

MGM MIRAGE University plays a key leadership role in researching, benchmarking, developing, implementing, and evaluating learning programs that maximize the potential of our people. By providing countless career path opportunities at all levels, committed employees can achieve long-term career goals.

MGM MIRAGE University serves over 66,000 employees of MGM Resorts International properties. We have a team of 27 full-time training professionals as well as on-call staff dedicated to delivering high-quality training and employee development solutions. Through our online partner, SkillSoft, employees can take soft-skills and computer-based courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any department computer or from home.

MGM MIRAGE University offers a myriad of courses for employees at all levels, including:

  • New Hire Orientation
  • Life Skills Development Courses
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • GED
  • Guest Service Training (University for Service Excellence)
  • Workplace English
  • Management On Boarding
  • Management Development Modules
  • Online Leadership Courses
  • Career Advancement Programs
  • Online BS Degree in Strengths-Based Management
  • Computer Skills Training (Windows, Microsoft Office, etc.)

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Diversity Champions Training

Since commencement of the first workshop in July of 2002, over 4,000 employees have gone through an intensive Diversity Training Program, an industry-training first, that fuses leadership, diversity and professional development during three days of intense classroom instruction to become "Diversity Champions" and another 4,500 are expected to complete the training in 2008. The workshop focuses on several key objectives:

  • The value, importance, and impact on business of effectively managing a diverse workforce.
  • Teaching employees to recognize the impact of their own reactions to diversity situations and the learning behaviors that are critical to successfully managing diversity at MGM Resorts International.
  • Practicing behaviors that encourage inclusion in the workplace which promotes teamwork, innovation, creativity, and productivity.
  • Recognizing challenges to valuing diversity at MGM Resorts International and implement prevention and intervention measures that address these situations.

The Diversity Champion Workshop has created an environment to learn and benefit from the many disciplines, life experiences, and wisdom of the many thousands of employees of MGM Resorts International and its hotels and casinos. The basic principles of universal respect for people, inclusion, and appreciation of the contribution of every individual are not only bedrock moral precepts, but are the key to unlocking each employees individual and collective potential to improve and excel.

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